Tuesday, April 9, 2013

l'olivo branding

These are some images of part of a recent branding project I did for my design class.
L'olivo is a fictitious olive oil company based in the US that is opening a tasting room in Napa, California.  Their olive oil is from Italy, but they wanted their branding to reflect something cleaner and simpler than typical Italian olive oil bottles.  I calligraphed the logo to maintain olive oil's natural elegance and organic feel, but at the same time kept it fairly simplistic.  I also designed their packaging and other potential pieces of collateral that could be used in their tasting room.


  1. These are really nice. Where did you get the bottles? I am looking for something like this for favors. Thanks! Angela

    1. Hi Angela, I actually repurposed these - they were bottles of balsamic from trader joes!

  2. Hi there

    Where did you get the labels!

    I would love them for my wedding