Friday, August 31, 2012

Gin Cocktails ::

California Collins

8 fresh lemon verbena leaves or one 1 1/2 inch piece of lemongrass, tender inner white bulb only, crushed
2 ounces gin
2 ounces unfiltered apple juice
1 ounce club soda

In a collins glass, gently muddle the lemon verbena leaves or lemongrass bulb. Add ice and the gin and apple juice; stir well. If using lemongrass, discard the bulb. Stir in the club soda.

Ginger Rodgers

6 to 8 mint leaves, plus 1 mint sprig for garnish
2/3 ounce ginger-pepper syrup
crushed ice
1 1/2 ounces gin
3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
2 ounces ginger ale
1 lemon wheel for garnish

  1. In a collins glass, muddle the mint leaves with the Ginger-Pepper Syrup. Add crushed ice, then add the gin and lemon juice. Spin a swizzle stick or bar spoon between your hands to mix the drink. Stir in the ginger ale, then garnish with the mint sprig and lemon wheel.

Jasmine Gin Fizz

2 ounces Jasmine Gin
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons honey mixed with 2 teaspoons warm water
1 large egg white
1 ounce chilled club soda
jasmine flowers or thin lemon wedges for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, combine the 2 ounces of Jasmine Gin with the lemon juice, honey syrup and egg white and shake well. Add ice and shake again. Pour through a fine strainer into a chilled fizz glass, stir in the club soda and garnish with jasmine flowers or skewered lemon wedges.

Parsley Gin Julep

8 parsley leaves
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
ice cubes, plus crushed ice
1 1/2 ounces gin
1 ounce chilled club soda
1 lime wheel

  1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the parsley with the lime juice and Simple Syrup. Add ice cubes and the gin and shake well. Strain into a crushed ice–filled collins glass. Stir in the club soda and garnish with the lime wheel.
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