Friday, November 19, 2010

Sea Salt and Cracker Toffee

Sea Salt & Cracker Toffee

Makes around 25 pieces

240g salted butter, cubed

220g soft brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

300g dark chocolate chips

~ 1 tsp sea salt to sprinkle on top (don't use normal salt, just omit this if you don't have any sea salt/fleur de sel on hand)

1 pkt Salada crackers (there are 2 packets per 250g box)

1. Preheat the oven to 180oC. Line a 22cm x 32cm baking tray with tin foil and spray with cooking spray. Line with one packet of Salada crackers broken into their 4 little squares.

2. Melt butter and soft brown sugar in a saucepan on a medium to high heat, stirring. Once bubbling, don't stir but allow the caramel to boil for 3 minutes then take off the heat and add the vanilla essence and swirl to mix. Don't stir the caramel once it is boiling, you can swirl it around the saucepan to mix. Also make sure the mixture is a really angry bubbling quite hard rather than a weak lady-like bubbling.

3. Pour the caramel evenly over the Salada crackers and place in the oven and bake for 5-6 minutes.

4. Take the tray out and sprinkle the chocolate chips on evenly top. Wait around 5 minutes for the chips to melt then smooth the chocolate with a spatula. No need to put back into the oven, the heat of the caramel will melt the chocolate.

5. Crush the crystals of sea salt in between your fingers and sprinkle lightly on top of the chocolate.

6. Allow to cool for 2 - 3 hours at room temperature until the chocolate is hard. You can speed the process up by placing the tray into the fridge - be careful though as a sharp drop in temperature could cause the chocolate to bloom and discolour so make sure the tray is cool to touch before you put it in the fridge.

7. When the chocolate has hardened, pull out of the baking tray and cut into little triangles.

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