Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aux Anysetiers du Roy

Aux Anysetiers Du Roy was a restaurant located near Notre Dame de Paris that specialized in provencal cooking . . . using olive oil, aromatics herbs, and garlic. It was one of the first restaurants to offer grilled meats seasoned with Provence Herbs. At the end of dinner, each customer was offered the small "Herbes of Provence" crock, a special blend prepared by Louis Lombard.

These crocks are made in a small village in the drĂ´me, near Valence (south of Lyon). Aux Anysetiers du Roy create their own recipes . . . Today there are many different blends for various foods including sugars, salts, spices, and even chocolate.
The crocks are filled up by hand and look lovely (and oh so French) sitting on your kitchen countertop!

I visited a store in Paris this week that had all of their products . . . I can't wait to try their white wine vinegar infused with herbs of provence! I know Williams-Sonoma sells their Herbs of Provence, and for their other products, check this website out.

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